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Online Account Access

As a ICS client, you’ll benefit from online access to comprehensive portfolio information related to holdings, market valuation and transaction activity. You can monitor daily INVESTED activity, cash positions, and industry or asset class allocations. Quick access to this information simplifies the reconciliation of portfolio changes and can provide a greater degree of control in monitoring your INVESTED portfolios.

Informed Decisions

ICS’s system maintains the necessary records to collect and report on any dividends or interest payments earned from assets held by us in the portfolio. Relying on multiple information sources, ICS tracks and provides notification on all corporate actions affecting client portfolios—such as stock splits or mergers giving clients the data they need to make informed decisions.

Electronic Portfolio Monitoring

ICS provides portfolio information, including transaction activity and security holdings, through an electronic exchange of data. These interfaces are designed to simplify reconciliation and monitoring of INVESTED activity.

Portfolio Unitization Capabilities

Unitization accounting and reporting allows clients to pool assets from multiple accounts and create INVESTED pools, based on asset class or INVESTED style. ICS’s system offers a flexible and comprehensive reporting capability by unit holder, INVESTED pool and INVESTED manager.

Institutional Custody

Offering far-reaching securities settlement capabilities, ICS uses a network of global sub-custodians to support the cross-border INVESTED needs of our clients. Our services include settling and processing securities and foreign exchange transactions, providing multi-currency reporting, and value clients’ INVESTED portfolios in U.S. or the local country’s currency in more than 80 countries throughout the world.

Active Cash Management

ICS provides daily cash management services for all cash held in client accounts. For these INVESTEDs, ICS offers a short term INVESTED program covering the broad spectrum of money market to invest cash balances. As an added option, ICS offers an interest-on-balance program to ensure that the entire cash position is fully invested.

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We build long-lasting, collaborative relationships with our clients to help them go further in their development. In today’s constantly evolving and complex world, we strive to provide our clients with increasingly efficient and reliable custody services on a daily basis to ensure they get ahead.


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